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20210916 Updates about us



New Location for our China Operation Centre

Our China Operation Centre is going to move. The new location is 25% bigger than and just 250m from the current one. To reduce the production impact, we plan to move in October after completing those orders in progress.


This new location and the newly hired staff will help increase our productivity and efficiency as planned.


Click here for the new address.



New Operation Centre in Taiwan

Our first Operation Centre in Taiwan will start commencing on September 22nd.  It is in a quiet but not remote area named Yangmei District, which is about 22km south of our headquarters.


Roles assigned to this operation centre are: -

  • Administration, international sales & marketing, followed by,
  • Technical training and production in a later stage.


Group management, accounting, and R&D activities will remain in our headquarters.


Click here for the addresses.



Domain name

We are a Taiwanese company, and we call ourselves FM. Thus, the perfect domain name for us is Unfortunately to us, this domain name had been registered and occupied for sale for more than 15 years.


We have completed all deals with the occupier, and we own this domain name now. You may also use to access our official website.


There is be no change to the email address of all our existing staff. At the same time, all upcoming new staff will have an email address with the new domain name.


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