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20210203 New Pricelist


 Dear Valued Customer,


Further to our last message dated January 13th 2021 about price increase, please be informed that the upcoming pricelist is now available upon request.


In general, the average percentage increased by product category is as below table. Please note that the % increase of individual model, even under the same category, may vary from others.



The following reasons contribute mostly to the above % increased.


1. Exchange rate between among USD, NTD and RMB

We sell in USD while spend in TWD (Taiwanese Dollar) and CNY (Chinese Yuan). TWD and CNY dropped 8.003% and 6.752% respectively against USD during the last 12 months. See below chart for these.


2. Metal Price

Metal price index increased by 17.56% in just 12 months. See below chart for this.


3. ABS Price

ABS price increase by 55.41% in just 11 months. See below chart for this.


4. ICs and Other Electronic Components

  • Because of serious shortage of ICs, prices of ICs keep increasing likes rocket. Prices of ICs have been increased twice (around 15% each time) during the last 45 days. While lead time increase from 2 weeks to 2 months.

The huge and sudden demand by car industry will make the current situation even worse. If you plan to buy cars in 2021, it should not be wrong to do this asap.

  • Prices trend of other electronic components do not seem to any better. Every time when we ordered components in the past 18 months, we found there was an average of 3% increase  in general.



Let’s go through this Extraordinary Period together

In order to keep the impact to the possible lowest, FM decreases significantly our profit margin. Our idea is let’s walk through this extraordinary period together.


Once again, we will like to remind that the above-mentioned new pricelist will come to effect from Feb 19th, 2021. If you would like to place orders under the original prices, please feel free to do so, but not later than Feb 18th, 2021.


Thank you very much for your attention. Should you have any questions about the above, please feel free to contact us.


With Best Regards,


Alvin Wu

General Manager

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