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20210216 Long Lead Time Alert


Long Lead Time Alert


Because of backlog and piping up orders, our production capacity has been surpassed. Please be informed that: -

  1. Lead time for orders placed on and after February 16, 2021  (Taipei local time) is about 14 ~ 16 weeks.
  2. All orders will be processed strictly according to first come first served basis. The only exception is every 10-working day, we will spare one day to process those orders shipped by courier and air.


Help us to Process Things as Smooth as Possible

By doing the below, you can help us process all things about your orders smoothly.

  1. Please plan and place us your orders and / or forecast as soon as you can. Based on your demand, we can also plan and place orders for components and parts to our suppliers soonest.
  2. Please try not to alter any content of your order once the proforma invoice covering it has been confirmed. It is because if this happens, we have to re-check, re-calculate and re-schedule many things almost from the beginning step.
  3. About new orders by air and courier, because of equality considerations: -
  • Orders for spare parts: - please keep the order amount not more than USD600.
  • Orders for finished products: - please keep the amount not more than USD1000. 


We appreciate very much your business and opportunities given to us.  We realize clearly that long lead time does no good to any of us. Thus, we will do whatever possible and practical to shorten it.


Thank you for your attention. Should you have any questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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