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20181205 Low Cost Reliable Label Printers Supported


December 5, 2018 Changzhou


More Low Cost + Reliable Barcode Printers Supported

It is always important to widen our range of choices and to increase the competitiveness of our total solution to distributors simultaneously. Now, we are pleased to inform you that 2 budget affordable barcode printers have been added to our support list. They are the TSC: -


  1. TDP-225 Desktop Direct Thermal Bar Code Printer (, and
  2. TTP-225 Desktop Thermal Transfer Bar Code Printer (


FM has longing to add to our support list low cost and reliable barcode printers, which must be commonly available in the market throughout the world and by renowned manufacturer. TSC and these 2 models are the answers. As a matter of fact, all barcode printers used in our companies in both Taiwan and China are production of TSC.


All FM products at your stock (if they support label printing) can work together with these 2 models. We thank TSC for their help and support provided. For step by step procedures on how to setup a TSC barcode printer & FM product to do label printout, please watch


As a quick price reference of these 2 models: -

  • Cost of TTP-225 is somewhat around 54% of TTP-345; or around 65% of TTP-247.
  • Cost of TDP-225 is somewhat around 48% of TDP-247.


In consideration of better service, support and to save transportation, we encourage you to get these 2 models from TSC local dealer nearby. Of course, if you would like to have reference prices from us, you can always in touch with us.

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