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Fidelity Measurement Company Limited (FM) is a dynamic company with the dedication to trustworthy customer service, weighing products and technologies that are the best value for money. FM products provide ease of use, performance, functionality and, above all, reliability.


With our experienced teams of weighing consultants, R&D engineers, procurement, quality control and testing staffs, we ensure that every equipment you receive is a piece of commendable investment and you are really buying peace of mind.



FM products are solidly and carefully built from the ground up for the applications and requirements which demanded. FM products are all which you can sell and then forget. FM believes that the best customer service is no customer service required.



From accessories, complete products to integrated systems, FM products are priced for real-world business applications, with superior service and support. FM products always make you proud in front of your customers and competitors.



With more than 20 years experience in the international metrology legislation and actual sales & marketing operation experience in more than 90 countries in the world, FM is your first choice in exploring the right products which will best suit your market at the best value for money.



There are no two markets are identical and thus, there is no single method/practice which will be good for all markets. FM is always here and ready to listen to you about market, products, development … etc. FM values our customers for their inputs which always contribute to our growth.


Quality + Value + Experience + Open minded = Fidelity Measurement

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