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19i Multi-Function Indicator


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19i is probably the most powerful weighing indicator of similar price level. 10,000e OIML Class III approval certificate proves further that it is one of the world’s most accurate class III weighing instruments.


Dual weighing range and interval, plus many other approved functions make 19i the perfect answer for trade and non-trade applications.


Extremely low (0,75μV) input per verification scale interval means 19i is also good for high dead load and at the same time low load cell utilization applications.


19i is designed and programmed to provide fast, easy and straightforward operation to meet an extraordinary wide range of applications like general static & dynamic industrial weighing, piece counting, shipping control, truck & tank weighing, pre-packing, manual sorting & packing, filling & dispensing, scientific & peak measuring & monitoring… etc. no matter as a standalone unit or incorporated in an integrated weighing system.


Thanks to the built-in high speed micro-processor, unsurpassed innovative program, new linearity compensation method, wide range of flexible,selectable operation parameters and selectable AD conversion speed, 19i always deliver unexceptional fast, accurate and stable results from low to high resolution, simple to complicated applications even at extremely heavy workload.


Reliability and durability are safeguarded and guaranteed by the carefully selected components from renowned manufacturers as well as smart designed and well planned circuits.


19i always deliver more than it is expected and the #1 choice whenever & wherever performance, reliability, durability and flexibility are of no compromise.



  • Static, Dynamic & Animal Weighing, Piece Counting and Peak Hold
  • Support Single Range, Dual Range and Dual Interval Operation
  • Support both Tension and Compression Load / Force Direction
  • Near Zero Weight Value for Dynamic Weighing to avoid False Signal Output
  • Built-in Logic for Constant Filling & Dispensing and Inflow / Outflow Control
  • Add-Tare-Memory (ATM) & Remove-Tare-Memory (RTM) Function
  • Manual, Preset, Auto, Repetitive and Continuous Tare Operation
  • Continuous Tare with Configurable Delay Time before Tare Action
  • Weight and Quantity Check Mode
  • Quick Access PLUs for Weight Limits, Quantity Limits and Preset Tare Values
  • Direct PLUs for Customer & Product Codes
  • Check Result Control for Accumulation, Data Printout & Data Output
  • Keypad Lock Function


Operation and Management Features

  • OIML Class III 10,000e approved
  • Full Numeric Keypad
  • Configurable Machine ID, Machine Group and Operator Number to Enhance Ease of Multi-Scales Applications and Management Records
  • Customer & Product Code Input through Serial Scanner or Keypad
  • Customer & Product Code Support Numbers, Alphabets and Symbols Characters
  • Support External [Zero], [Tare] and [Print/M+] Key Input through Scanner
  • Tri-Color Check Result Indication
  • Configurable Keypad, Check & System Buzzer
  • 2 x Independent Configurable Bi-Direction Serial Comports. Selectable TTL Output for Comport 1
  • Support Inquiry, Setting and Execution Commands through PC
  • All Current Operation Results Output in Data Base Format Increases Ease & Efficiency of Data Management, Processing & Analysis
  • Support Ticket Printer and Label Printer (Datecs LP-50 & TSC TDP-225, TDP-247, TDP-345, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345)
  • Selectable Portrait / Landscape Ticket Printout Format
  • 6 x 45mm Huge Size Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits
  • Zero, Gross, Net, Weighing Range, Memory & Battery Level & Recharge Indicators
  • Watchdog System to Prevent Damages caused by Load Cell Short-circuit
  • Smart Charging Circuits
  • Real Time Clock



  • 2 x Configurable Bi-Directional Serial Comports. Maximum Baud Rate = 256000
  • 9 x Selectable Fixed plus 1 x User Programmable PC Output Protocols
  • Support Bar Code Scanner for Customer & Product Code Entries
  • Optional 4 Channel built-in Control Relay Board
  • Optional Built-in LAN Module for Ethernet and Internet Communication


Apps for Smart Phones & Devices

Free iOS App (i19) & Android App (a19) are available at App Store and Google Play respectively.


These Apps are so powerful that actually they turn your smart devices into a handheld terminal, remote display, remote data input center and controller of your FM product connected.


Both Apps support connection via Bluetooth and WIFI.


End User PC Software

  • Freeware Specially Created to Support End Users
  • Real Time Operation Status Monitoring
  • Operation Parameters Setting
  • Real Time Process Monitoring
  • Individual and Totalized Record Storage
  • Database File Output


Distributor only PC Software

  • Freeware Specially Created to Support Distributors
  • Extremely Useful for Heavy Capacity and Complex System Installation, Checking, Testing and Commissioning
  • Real Time Important System Parameters Monitoring and Setting
  • Export Current System Settings to External Backup File
  • On Site or Remote System Recovery by External Backup File without Re-Calibration



OIML Approval Characteristics
  • Approval Class & Accuracy: - Class III 10,000e

  • Minimum Input Voltage / e = 0.75μV

Capacity and Readability

Free Setting

Weighing Range

Single Range, Dual Range, Dual Interval

Weight Units

    kg, g, lb

Display     6 x 45mm Huge Size Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits

Load Cell Connection

  • Excitation Voltage = 5V DC
  • Support both 4-wire & 6-wire Load Cells
  • Maximum Load Cell Connection: -

Approved = 4 x 350Ωor 8 x 700Ω Load Cells

Non-Approved = 10 x 350Ω or 20 x 700Ω Load Cells

A/D Converter & Internal Resolution

  • 24 bit Low-Noise Delta to Sigma  (Δ-Σ)
  • 4,000,000 Counts at 20 mV
  • Minimum input per d = 0.05µV
AD Conversion Speed 15, 30, 60, 120 times/second Selectable

Max. Tare Range

- Max for Single Weighing Interval or -Max1 (Subtractive Tare)

Calibration Methods
  • 2 Span Points Calibration (Linearity Calibration), or
  • 1 Span Point Calibration, or
  • Numeric Calibration Through Keyboard

Power Source

  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery = 6V, 5AH
  • External Power Adaptor = DC 12V, 1A


Pillar Mount Holder (ψ35~38mm), Built-in Rechargeable Battery, Universal Power Adaptor, Dust Cover


Individually Packed

  • Dimensions = 36 x 32 x 16cm. Net / Gross = 2.35 / 2.85kg

6 Units in Shipping Carton

  • Dimensions = 102 x 35 x 35cm. Net / Gross = 17.0/ 18.5kg

Operation Environment

-10 ~ 40oC. Non-condensed. R.H.≦  85%

In the interest of improvement, specifications may change prior to notice



  • Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder
  • SP-POS58IV & SP-POS88IV Thermal Ticket Printer
  • LP-50, TDP-225, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345 Label Printer
  • Serial Bar Code Scanner
  • WM Wireless Communication Module
  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display
  • Built-in 4-Channel Control Relay Board (Factory Installation)
  • Bluetooth 4.0BLE Module/Kit
  • Bluetooth 2.0 Module/Kit
  • Built-in LAN Communication Module (Rechargeable Battery has to be Removed)

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