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G1 Energy Genius General Weighing Scales Series


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G1 is the perfect answer to simple weighing applications where power is not available or difficult to access. It delivers 4000 hours plus operation with just 3 x D size batteries. Built-in Eco Mode gives even longer operation time.


4-key operation provides simple and efficient control of the scale. Still, operation flexibility is reserved by means the new programming concepts applied making this 4-key weighing scale a flexible and easy to use weighing equipment for many applications and requirements.


First class material made enclosure not only to protect the circuits and components inside but also ensuring durability and reliability of the scale. Strong structural design plus protection devices are built to withstand overloads and shocks. 


User Selectable Parameters

  • System Initialization
  • 6 x Auto Power Off Time: - Off ~ 20 minutes
  • 3 x Backlight Mode: - On, Off, Auto
  • Weight Units Selection
  • 3 x Filter Strength Level / Display Update Speed
  • 3 x Auto Tare Mode: - Off, On, Continuous
  • 2 x Repetitive Tare Mode: - On, Off
  • 2 x Key Buzzer: - Off, On
  • 4 x RS232 Output Mode: - Off, Auto, Manual, PC.
  • 4 x Mode Key Function: - Unit, Print, Function Set, Display Resolution
  • 2 x Operation Mode: - Normal, Eco


Dealer Selectable Parameters

  • Password Change / Setting
  • 4 x RS232 Output Mode: - Off, Auto, Manual, PC.
  • 4 x Mode Key Function: - Unit, Print, Function Set, Display Resolution
  • Manual Zero & Tare Stability Control
  • Initial Zero, Manual Zero & Auto Zero Tracking Range Settings
  • Metrological Setting Control by  Password or Jumper
  • 2 x Operation Mode: - Normal, Eco
  • Independent Zero, Linearity, Span Calibration


Features & Functions

  • Fast Weighing Speed ≤ 0.5sec with End User Selectable Filter and Display Update Rates
  • Extremely Low Power Consumption:  ≥ 4000 Operation Hours with 3 x D Size Alkaline Batteries.
  • Eco Mode to give even Longer Battery Operation Time
  • Support both Positive and Negative Weighing
  • Support both Metric and lb Weight Units
  • Full Size Load Cell
  • Support Auto, Positive, Negative & Repetitive Tare
  • Linearity Compensation
  • Password Protection to Important Metrological Parameters
  • Safety Protection to cut Batteries Supply when External Power is Plugged in
  • Overload Protection Devices
  • Keypad Buzzer, Backlight, Bubble Level. Dust Cover and USB Power Cord included





Standard Division

High Division





















A/D & Internal Resolution

  • 24 bit Delta to Sigma to Delta  (Δ-Σ) Analog-to-Digital Converter
  • 1.1 million Counts at 10mV

Digits & Indications

  • 6 x 31mm HTN Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits
  • Gross, Net, Stable, Zero, Weight Unit, Battery Level Indicators

Max. Tare Range

- Max (Subtractive Tare)

Estimated Battery Operation Hours

> = 4000 hours without backlight with 3 x D size Alkaline Batteries

Power Consumption

3mA without backlight. 12.2mA with backlight

Power Source

  • 3 x D size Dry Batteries (not included)
  • External DC 5V Input  (USB Power Cord Included, Charger not included)


210 x 250mm ABS Patter with Stainless Steel Insert

Operation Environment

5 ~ 40oC. Non-condensed. R.H.≦ 85%

In the interest of improvement, specifications may change prior to notice



  • SUS304 Stainless Steel Platter Cover
  • RS232 Output Interface (Pre-installation required)
  • SP-POS58IV & SP-POS88IV Thermal Printer
  • WM-EP Wireless Communication Module
  • RD-DOT Dot Matrix Remote Display

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