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10i Multi-Function Indicator


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The 10i is a multi-function indicator specially designed for applications in which speed, connectivity with external devices, data availability, and security accept no compromise.


What’s Inside

  • A High-Speed 32-Bit Microprocessor
  • A 24-Bit A/D Converter
  • Intelligent and Robust EMC Protected Design
  • Innovative Concepts and Algorithms and Flexible Operation Parameters


PLUs & Database

  • 10 PLU Weight Check Limits per Weight Unit
  • 10 PLU Quantity Check Limit per Weight Unit
  • 10 PLU Preset Tare Value per Weight Unit
  • 10 PLU Average Piece Weight per Weight Unit
  • 1000 PLU Database for Customer Code and Description
  • 1000 PLU for Customer Code and Description
  • 1000 PLU for Product Code and Description
  • 100 Production Settings PLU per Weight Unit (Each PLU Contains 15 Operation Parameters, including Label Files for Printing)
  • Alibi Memory for up to 131,072 Individual Transactions
  • 4-Digit Short Note can be added Manually and included in the Individual Transaction Data to be saved to Alibi Memory


Higher Efficiency & Less Human Error

  • The Cortex M4 32-Bit 168mhz Microprocessor Delivers Lightning Processing Speed
  • Operation Parameters Stored in PLUs and Databases can be Employed and Shifted by Keyboard, Barcode Scanner, and Computer and Completed in Milliseconds
  • Check Limits Validation Control prevents Incorrect Results from being Processed and Output
  • Large LCD Digits and Tri-Color Backlights Show all Operating Results and Statuses Crystal-Clear Even in Dim and Poor Light


Data is Always Secured & Traceable

  • Built-In Alibi Memory Provides Non-Resettable and Real-Time Storage for up to 131,072 Individual Transactions
  • Every Individual Transaction Contains 23 Results and Operation Setting
  • All Data in Alibi Memory is Ready for Retrieval Locally or Remotely at Any Time
  • The Management Report Enables Productivity Analysis with Yield Rates Based on Employees, Production Lines, Plants,  Customers and Products



  • Maximum 4 Independent Bi-Direction Configurable Comports
  • Standard = 2 x RS232
  • Optional = TTL, RS485, WIFI, and Bluetooth
  • Built-In 4-Channel Control Relay Board (Optional)
  • 3 x External Input (Optional)


Communication & Output Formats

  • Peripheral Supported: Computer, Smart Devices, Barcode Scanner, Dot-Matrix/Thermal Printer, Label Printer, Remote Display, ERP, and More
  • Baud Rate = 1200 ~ 921600
  • Wi-Fi Working Mode Supports both AP and Station
  • Wi-Fi Supports both TCP and UTP Protocol as Server and Client
  • 2 Predefined Landscape Output Format
  • 3 Predefined Portrait + 1 x Customized Output Format
  • 10 Predefined + 1 Customized Continuous and Interval Output


Scan and Search

An Intelligent search begins with a single scan of a customer/product code:

  1. The Corresponding Production Settings PLU will be Employed if the Code Scanned Exists in the Database. If not, …
  2. The Corresponding Code Description will be Employed if the Code Scanned Exists in this Database. If not, …
  3. The Code Scanned will be Input to the System and Recorded for Output.


Operation Features

  • Full Numeric and Function Keyboard
  • Tri-Color Backlight
  • Support Single Range, Dual Range, and Dual Interval Operation
  • Near-Zero Weight Value for Dynamic Weighing to avoid False Signal Output
  • Manual, Preset, Repetitive, and Continuous Tare Operation
  • Continuous Tare with Configurable Delay Time before Tare Action
  • Tare, Zero and Print/M+ Key, Operator Number, Customer, and Product Code Input via Barcode Scanner
  • Real-Time Clock with Backup Battery
  • Watchdog System to Prevent Damages caused by Load Cell Short-Circuit
  • Configurable Keypad, Check, and System Buzzer
  • 9 Selectable Filter Strength Levels with 4 AD Conversion Speed


Management Features

  • Configurable Machine ID, Machine Group, and Operator Number
  • Daily, Monthly, Specific Period, All Report Output
  • Multi-Search Criteria for Report Generation
  • Support Inquiry, Setting, and Execution Commands from PC
  • Check Result Control for Accumulation, Data Printout, and Data Output
  • Keypad Lock Function
  • All Current Operation Results Output in Database Format for Data Management, Processing, and Analysis
  • Label Printers Supported:
    • Datecs = LP-50
    • TSC = TDP-225, TDP-247, TDP-345, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345
    • Sbarco = All Models with Serial Port
  • Support Product Expiry Duration Input and Output



  • Stainless Steel Wall/Desk Mount Holder
  • Built-In RS485 Communications Module
  • Built-In Bluetooth 2.0 or 4.0BLE Module
  • Built-In Wi-Fi Communication Module
  • Built-In 4-Channel Control Relay Board
  • Built-In External Input Set (3 Inputs)
  • CT-10 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Serial Cable Barcode Scanner



Capacity and Readability

Free Setting

Weighing Range

  Single Range, Dual Range, Dual Interval

Weight Units

  kg, g, lb

Digits & Indications

  • Six 37.5mm HTN Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits
  • Gross, Net, Stable, Zero, Weight Unit, Weighing Range, Battery Level, M+, Product & Customer Code, Pre-Tare, Alibi, Lower Case, Customized Setting Indicator, Number of Pieces Indicator

Load Cell Connection

  • Excitation Voltage = 5V DC
  • Support both 4-wire & 6-wire Load Cells
  • Maximum Load Cell Connection = 12 x 350Ω Load Cells or 24 x 700Ω Load Cells

Micro Processor

  32-bit High Speed & High EMC Immunity

A/D Converter &

& Internal Resolution

  • 24 bit Low-Noise Delta to Sigma (Δ-Σ)
  • 4.0 million Counts at 20mV
  • Minimum input per d = 0.05µV

AD Conversion Speed

  15, 30, 60, 120 times/second Selectable

Max. Tare Range

  -Max or -Max1 (Subtractive Tare)

Calibration Methods

  • 2 Span Points Calibration (Linearity Calibration), or
  • 1 Span Point Calibration, or
  • Numeric Calibration Through Keyboard

Power Source

  • Built-in Rechargeable 6V, 4AH Battery
  • External = 12VDC, 1A Power Adaptor


  • Dust Cover
  • Pillar Mount Holder (ψ35 ~ 38mm)
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery
  • Universal Power Adaptor


  Individually Packed

  • Dimensions = 36 x 33 x 16cm. Net/Gross = 2.50/2.90kg

 Four Units in a Shipping Carton

  • Dimensions = 68 x 38 x 36cm. Net/Gross = 10.00/13.50kg

Operation Environment

 -10 to 40°C. Non-condensed. R.H.≦  85%

In the interest of improvement, specifications may change without notice

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