10s Stainless Steel Multi-Function Indicator

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10s Stainless Steel Multi-Function Indicator


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10s Stainless Steel Multi-Function Indicator

Experience unparalleled speed, connectivity, data availability, and security with the 10s Stainless Steel Multi-Function Indicator, specially designed for applications that demand nothing but the best.


Key Features

  • Designed According to IP66
  • Completely Sealed and Extremely Heavy Duty SUS304 Enclosure
  • High-Speed 32-Bit Microprocessor
  • 24-Bit A/D Converter
  • Intelligent EMC Protected Design
  • Flexible Operation Parameters with Innovative Concepts and Algorithms
  • Non-Resettable Alibi Memory


Efficient PLUs & Database

  • 1,000 PLU Database for Customer and Product Codes + Descriptions
  • 100 Production Settings PLU per Weight Unit
  • Alibi Memory for up to 131,072 Individual Transactions
  • User Editable 4-Digit Short Notes to Transactions as Additional Remarks
  • 10 PLU Settings per Weight Unit for Each of the Weight & Quantity Check Limits, Preset Tare, Average Piece Weight

Operation Functions & Features

  • Static, Dynamic, Animal Weighing, Action-Tare-Memory (ATM), and Piece Counting Function
  • Near Zero Weight Value in Dynamic Weighing to Prevent False Signal Output
  • Weight and Quantity Check Mode
  • Supports Single Range, Dual Range, and Dual Interval for Various Application Needs
  • Various Tare Operations: Manual, Preset, Auto, Repetitive, and Continuous
  • Configurable Delay Time before Continuous Tare Action
  • Adjustable Filter Settings: 9 Selectable Filter Strength Levels with 4 AD Conversion Speeds for Optimal Performance
  • Supports both Tension and Compression Load/Force Direction
  • Comprehensive Numeric and Function Keyboard: Provides a Full Range of Input Options for Seamless Operation
  • Barcode Scanner Integration: Allows Input of Tare, Zero, Print/M+ Key, Operator Number, Customer, and Product Codes for Quick Data Entry
  • Real-Time Clock with Backup Battery: Maintains Accurate Timekeeping, Even During Power Loss
  • Watchdog System: Protects the Device from Damages Caused by Load Cell Short-Circuits
  • Customizable Settings: Configurable Keypad, Check, and System Buzzer for Personalized User Experience


Management Features

  • Flexible Machine and Operator Management: Configurable Machine ID, Machine Group, and Operator Number for Easy Identification and Tracking
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Daily, Monthly, Specific Period, and All Report Output Options for Customized Data Analysis
  • Multi-Criteria Search: Supports Multiple Search Criteria for Efficient Report Generation
  • PC Integration: Inquiry, Setting, and Execution Commands can be Initiated from a PC for Centralized Management
  • Check Result Control for Data Accumulation, Printout, and Output
  • Keypad Lock Function: Prevents Unauthorized Access and Ensures Data Security
  • Database Output Format: All Current Operation Results can be Output in Database Format for Seamless Data Management, Processing, and Analysis.
  • Label Printer Compatibility: Supports Various Label Printers, Including Datecs LP-50, TSC TDP-225, TDP-247, TDP-345, TTP-225, TTP-247, TTP-345, and Sbarco (All Models with Serial Port)
  • Expiry Duration Input and Output: Supports Input and Output of Product Expiry Duration for Easy Tracking and Management


Secure & Traceable Data

  • Non-Resettable Alibi Memory for up to 131,072 Individual Transactions
  • Each Individual Transaction includes 23 Distinct Results and Operational Settings
  • Easy Data Retrieval Locally or Remotely
  • Comprehensive Management Reports for Productivity Analysis


Achieve Higher Efficiency & Reduced Human Error

  • Lightning-Fast Cortex M4 32-Bit 168MHz Microprocessor 
  • Instantly Employ and Shift Operation Parameters with Keyboard, Barcode Scanner, and Computer
  • Check Limits Validation Control for Accurate Accumulation Results
  • Large LCD Digits and Tri-Color Backlights Ensure Clear Visibility



  • Maximum 5 x Independent Bi-Directional Configurable Communication Ports
    • Standard: 2 x RS232
    • Optional: TTL, RS485/Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
  • Optional Built-In 4-Channel Control Relay Board
  • Optional 3 x External Input


Communication & Output Formats

  • Supported Peripherals: Computers, Smart Devices, Barcode Scanners, Dot-Matrix/Thermal Printers, Label Printers, Remote Displays, ERP Systems, and more
  • Wi-Fi Working Modes: Supports Both AP and Station Modes for Flexible Connectivity Options
  • Wi-Fi Protocols: Supports Both TCP and UTP as Server and Client for Efficient Data Transfer
  • Output Formats: Offers a Range of Output Formats for Maximum Flexibility, Including:
  • 2 Predefined Landscape Formats
  • 3 Predefined Portrait + 1 Customizable Format
  • 10 Predefined + 1 Customizable Continuous and Interval Outputs


Scan and Search

Experience the Convenience of Intelligent Search with a Single Scan of a Customer or Product Code:

  1. The Corresponding Production Settings PLU Will be Employed if the Scanned Code Exists in the Database. If Not...
  2. The Corresponding Code Description Will be Employed if the Scanned Code Exists in This Database. If Not...
  3. The Scanned Code Will be Input into the System and Recorded for Output



  • Built-in RS485 or Wi-Fi Communications Module
  • Built-in Bluetooth 2.0 or 4.0BLE Module
  • Built-in 4-Channel Control Relay Board
  • Built-in External Input Set (3 Inputs)
  • CT-10 Bluetooth Barcode Scanner
  • Serial Cable Barcode Scanner



Capacity and Readability

Free Setting

Weighing Range

Single Range, Dual Range, Dual Interval

Weight Units

kg, g, lb

Digits & Indications

  • Six 37.5mm HTN Bold Type Wide Angle LCD Numeric Digits
  • Gross, Net, Stable, Zero, Weight Unit, Weighing Range, Battery Level, M+, Product & Customer Code, Pre-Tare, Alibi, Lower Case, Customized Setting Indicator, Number of Pieces Indicator

Load Cell Connection

  • Excitation Voltage = 5V DC
  • Support both 4-wire & 6-wire Load Cells
  • Maximum Load Cell Connection = 12 x 350Ω Load Cells or 24 x 700Ω Load Cells

Micro Processor

32-bit High Speed & High EMC Immunity

A/D Converter &

& Internal Resolution

  • 24 bit Low-Noise Delta to Sigma (Δ-Σ)
  • 4.0 million Counts at 20mV
  • Minimum input per d = 0.05µV

AD Conversion Speed

15, 30, 60, 120 times/second Selectable

Max. Tare Range

-Max or -Max1 (Subtractive Tare)

Calibration Methods

  • 2 Span Points Calibration (Linearity Calibration), or
  • 1 Span Point Calibration (User Calibration), or
  • Numeric Calibration Through Keyboard

Power Source

  • Built-in Rechargeable 6V, 5AH Battery
  • External = 12VDC, 1A Power Adaptor


  • Stainless Steel Wall / Desk Mount Holder
  • Universal Power Adaptor


Individually Packed

  • Dimensions = 31.5 x 31 x 14.5cm. Net/Gross = 2.50/3.55kg

Four Units in a Shipping Carton

  • Dimensions = 65.5 x 32 x 33.5cm. Net/Gross = 10.00/15.00kg

Operation Environment

-10 to 40°C. Non-condensed. R.H. 85%

In the interest of improvement, specifications may change without notice


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