JBA-46S Load Cell Junction Box

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JBA-46S Load Cell Junction Box


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JBA-46S is a compact size stainless steel load cell junction box.  With EMC protection circuits, moisture-proof PCB treatment and sealed enclosure, JBA-46S is the first choice for unknown environment and condition.


Key Features

  • Connect Maximum up to 4 Load Cell Channels.
  • One 7-wire Output Channel
  • Support both 4-wire and 6-wire Load Cells
  • Moisture Proof Coating Applied to Increase Reliability
  • EMS Protection Circuits
  • Reliable Potentiometers are used to Ensure Accurate, Constant and Stable Output
  • Rubber Layer in between Upper and Lower Housing to keep Water and Moisture away



  • Housing Material = Grade 304 Stainless Steel
  • Overall Dimensions = 158 x 90 x 40mm
  • Resistance Range = 0 to 50ohms
  • Resistance Tolerance = ±10%.
  • Adjustability Voltage = ±0.01%
  • Cable Glands = Nickel plated Brass PG-7 x 5
    • Maximum Cable Diameter = 7mm
    • Best Suit Cable Diameter = 3 ~ 6mm
  • Packing = Individually Packed
  • Net Weight = 420g


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